Unity Android Game Development With Game Art & Monetization

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73 Lessons (14h)

  • Lets Start Building Games With Unity
    Introduction To This Course3:08
    Installing Unity And Android Build Support6:38
    Setting Up JDK and Android SDK12:55
    Installing Unity Remote and Live Testing8:39
  • Lets Create 3D ZigZag Game
    1 Setting Up Game Level, Player and Platform12:34
    2 Controlling The Ball13:50
    3 Moving The Ball After First Touch6:45
    4 Checking When The Ball Falls Off The Platform13:07
    5 Camera Following The Ball Smoothly16:37
    6 Make The Platforms Fall Down After Ball Goes Away11:57
    7 Spawning the Platforms13:10
    8 Random Platform Spawning Algorithm9:14
    9 Fixing Platform Falling4:09
    10 Creating Diamonds and Randomly Spawning Them13:00
    11 Destroying Diamonds On Collision5:27
    12 Creating Awesome particle Effects10:40
    13 Create UiManager and Text Animations17:42
    14 More Main Menu UI Animations17:16
    15 Game Over Menu and Animations11:04
    16 Scripting The UiManager13:06
    17 ScoreManager Score and HighScore11:46
    18 Creating GameManager and Controlling The Whole Game6:51
    19 Final Fixes and Finishing The Game18:05
    20 Building and Publishing To Android6:44
  • Learn To Create Game Arts From Scratch
    1 Inkscape Crash Course16:49
    2 Designing Tappy Ball Game Sprites - Part215:31
    3 Desinging Tappy Ball Game Sprites - part18:18
    4 Designing Second Tappy Ball Sprite8:16
    5 Designing The Pipe - Creating Game Art Assets8:11
    6 Designing Sky Clounds & Ground - Game Art Assets15:19
    7 Exporting Your Game Art Assets To Use Them In Game6:11
  • Let's Create Tappy Ball Game
    1 Creating Tappy Ball Menu and UI18:20
    2 Programming The Ball Movement17:43
    3 Adding The Pipes17:49
    4 Spawning The Pipes16:46
    5 Checking Score14:17
    6 Designing UI and UiManager17:27
    7 GameOver Menu and Animations10:17
    8 Adding Attractive User Interface Elements12:59
    9 Creating Game Manager and Controlling Everything17:10
    10 Adding Final Tweaks and Finishing The Game10:44
  • Create Game Arts For Fruit Ninja Game
    1 Design The Fruit - It's So Easy But Looks Professional12:32
    2 Design Cut Fruit15:50
    3 Design The Splash Effect For Fruit Ninja Game7:47
    4 Design The Wooden Game Background12:02
    5 Design The 3D Looking Bomb14:14
  • Let's Create Fruit Ninja Game
    1 Creating The Fruit Bomb and Background13:19
    Download 2D Sprites Required For This Game
    2 Adding Touch Swipe Effect11:37
    3 Adding Colliders To Swipe Lines6:25
    4 Adding Touch Functionality For Swipe6:23
    5 Spawning and Rotating Fruits Randomly17:01
    6 Cutting The Fruits8:26
    7 Cut Pieces Falling Down4:05
    8 Adding The Bomb4:39
    9 Creating The Blast Effect3:20
    10 Instantiating The Blast Effect4:23
  • Learn Version Controlling - The Most Valuable Skill You Need
    1 Why Use Version Controlling - Everything You Need To Know15:18
    2 Cloning and Creating New Repository For Unity Game Project12:43
    3 Practical Version Controlling Example With ZigZag Game13:50
    4 Learn About Branching Your Game Projects With Source Tree7:53
    5 Pushing Your Local Repository To GitHub & BitBucket5:34
  • Start Earning Money From Your Games - Monetize With Ads
    1 Integrate Unity Video Ads - Super Easy12:24
    2 Show Ads Every 3 Times Using PlayerPrefs8:31
    3 Integrate Applovin Ads To Your Game Easily21:44
    4 Integrate Chartboost Ads - Designed Only For Games21:30
  • Create Leaderboards and Achievements - Make Your Games Social
    1 Creating Leader Boards - Part112:59
    2 Creating Leader Boards - Part213:13
    3 Creating Leader Boards - Part310:49
    4 Creating Leader Boards - Part49:39
    5 Creating Leader Boards - Part5 - Uploading APK & Linking7:37
    6 Create Achievements In Your Game19:52

Start Building Games for the World's Most Popular Mobile Platform from Scratch

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Raja Biswas is a passionate computer programmer, indie game developer and lifelong learner. He has a passion for learning new things and teaching people all over the world.

He has a Diploma in Computer Science and Technology, and is currently completing his Bachelor of Engineering in IT.


You can use the Unity game engine for a wide range of platforms, but one of the most common is Android. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals to building games for the world's most popular mobile platform, opening doors to an enormous market. Best of all, you don't need any prior experience, just a willingness to learn!

  • Access 73 lectures & 14 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the basic concepts & tools you need to build fully functional Android games in Unity
  • Install Unity, the Java Development Kit, & Android SDK
  • Create example Android games from scratch
  • Discover how to design game art
  • Understand how to monetize your game & make a living in game development
  • Use included course quizzes to verify your knowledge


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
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  • Experience level required: beginner


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